How to Crochet on Curtain Rings

You can use all types of curtain rings just remember to use a crochet hook one size smaller than the yarn you are using recommends as you want to achieve a tight close stitch.  There is no right or wrong yarn to use, the really efficient crocheter could use thin ribbon, cord etc, rattail braid is quite a pretty finish.

When attaching your chosen yarn to the ring be sure to lay the cut end flat along the ring and work over it in order to achieve a neat start. You want to keep the stitches close together in order for the ring to be completely covered.

Insert the hook from front to back into the centre of the ring, yrh and draw through a loop, place the hook over the top of the ring, yrh and draw yarn through loop on hook, *insert hook from front to back into the centre of the ring, yrh and draw through a loop, place hook over top of the ring, yrh and draw through both loops on hook, rep from * until the ring is completely covered.  Join with a ss in first st.  Break off the yarn and darn in the cut end.

Methods of attaching rings.

  1. Slot ribbon through the rings as shown in the diagram to form a continous length of rings.
  2. An alternative method is to work as above except you cover and join the rings continuously in one operation as you work.  Use your yarn to cover half the ring, then work the same number of stitches in a semi-circle around the next ring and so on until you have the required number of rings joined.  The last ring should be worked completely around the ring and continue back along the other side of the rings until you have worked your way back to the beginning. 
  3. Here you can see two different yarns have been worked over this ring.  Using a double knitting yarn and then a second row in lurex yarn where double crochet is worked into each stitch of the first row, working from left to right instead of from right to left.
  4. Work the same as above until the first round has been completed.  For the second row, instead of working into all the stitches of the previous row, the hook is inserted into the centre of the ring at various intervals.  In this sample, using lurex yarn, work *1dc into each of the next 3sts, 1dc inserting hook into cetre of ring, 1dc into each of the next 3sts, 3dc inserting hook into centre of ring, repeat from * to end of ring.  Join with a ss into first st. fasten off.